Potential postgraduate students

Please note that, in assistive technologies, I am only interested in studies pertaining to the mathematical theoretical foundations of assistive technology applications. In other words, I do not supervise case studies, frameworks, or straightforward mobile applications.

Past postgraduate students

  • Laurette Marais, PhD -- Generalized acceptance conditions for symmetric difference NFAs. Passed March 2018.
  • Sola Babalola, MSc -- Diagram recognition of Computer Science diagrams for the blind. Passed Dec 2015.
  • Ryno Fourie, MSc : A parallelized cellular automaton framework using CUDA. Passed March 2015.
  • Abraham Coetzee, MSc -- co-supervisor McElory Hoffmann: Live programming. Passed March 2015.
  • Rynhardt Kruger, MSc: Rendering virtual worlds in audio and text. Passed Dec 2014.
  • Hennie de Villiers, PhD: A vision-based South African Sign Language tutor. Co-promotor with Thomas Niesler, Electronic Engineering. Passed April 2014.
  • Wessel Venter, MSc: An avatar with Asperger's behaviour. Passed March 2012. [.pdf]
  • Mwawi Msiska, MSc: A visual programming environment for authoring ASD therapy tools. Passed Dec 2011, cum laude. [.pdf]
  • Johann Bergh, MSc: Visualisation of ontologies (co-supervisor with Aurona Gerber, Meraka Institute). Passed March 2011. [.pdf]
  • Roxanne Adams, MSc: Cellular Automata with cell clustering. Passed March 2011. [.pdf]
  • Morne Chamberlain, MSc: 3D virtual environment development platform for autism spectrum disorders. Passed cum laude Dec 2009. [.pdf]
  • Eugene Smal, MSc: construction of LEGO sculpture instructions from 3D graphics models (2007--2008). Passed cum laude Dec 2008. [.pdf]
  • Andre Kriek, MSc: soccer robots, and anticipating behaviours from opposing teams (2007--2008). Co-supervisor with Steve Kroon. Passed 2008.
  • Herc du Preez, MSc, investigated and implemented a graphical user interface for an experimentation system for finite automata, where a visual pattern analysis is to be performed on large numbers of randomly generated automata. Passed Apr 2008. [.pdf]
  • Lesley Raitt, MSc, investigated the randomness of randomly-created DFAs over the domain of the regular languages (2004-2006). Passed cum laude March 2007. [.pdf]
  • Johan Welgemoed, MSc, built a prototype machine translation system for English text to SASL (2005--2006). Passed cum laude March 2007. [.pdf]
  • Jaco Fourie, MSc, implemented a signing avatar. His co-supervisor is Prof Ben Herbst from Applied Maths (2005--2006). Passed Dec 2006. [.pdf]
  • Graham Mueller, MSc, investigated minimization algorithms for symmetric difference NFAs (2004-2005). Passed cum laude April 2006. [.pdf]
  • Andries Combrink, MSc, investigated the application of text-to-speech techniques in generating Sign Language from text (2003-2005). Passed April 2006. [.pdf]
  • Endale Asefa received his Master's degree in Informatics at Addis Abbaba University in Ethiopa. I was his co-advisor on his thesis on a hypermedia learning tool for Ethiopian Sign Language (2005).
  • Dean Barker, MSc, worked on the modelling of facial emotions in a signing avatar (2003-2004). Passed cum laude April 2005. [.zip]
  • Henri Hakl, MSc, investigated the use of learning automata as a basis for computer-controlled human body coordination (2002-2003). Passed cum laude Dec 2003.
  • Jan Bungeroth investigated a HPSG for South African Sign Language, and was awarded an MSc at Karlsruhe University in September 2002.